Russian as a foreign language

Russian as a foreign language

Our course of RUSSIAN is specially designed FOR FOREIGNERS who want to study Russian and gives an opportunity to obtain sufficient practice in spoken and written Russian on variety of topics including business.

Our aim is to teach a foreigner the essential level of Russian, the Russian language for everyday communication.

We are sure that our language courses meet the highest standards of quality education. Our teaching staff consists of highly qualified Russian teachers with the experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language. All of them have graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and got professional degrees in “Russian as a foreign language” confirmed by diplomas and other educational supplies. They know how to make your studying not only effective but interesting.

The goal of the Russian as a Foreign Language is to prepare students for success in the Russian medium environment by developing strong Russian language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

We provide intensive Russian instruction and introduce the Russian culture to international students.

Designed for people whose first language is not Russian, our courses offer an integrated whole-language approach to the Russian language through intensive reading, writing, speaking and listening, focusing on Russian culture and communicative competence as their goals.

A strong emphasis is placed on grammar and spoken Russian. Don’t believe those who promise to teach you Russian without grammar. We teach grammar but from the point of view of a foreigner. And communicative method helps students to use grammar constructions in definite situations. We use various stimulation exercises to make every lesson more effective and interesting.

Our clients acquire the skills through interaction. Personal contact with the language, practicing sounds and formulating different patterns pave way to better command of the Russian language.

Our courses give students the knowledge needed to live, work and study in Russia. Study hours are determined in accordance with students’ needs. Our aim is to teach a foreigner the essential level of Russian, the Russian language for everyday communication, and our methods combine intensive teaching with a personal and communicative approach.

There are a lot of businessmen among our clients – who have a little time for learning language but strong desire to adapt in Russia.

Lessons are held both individually and in mini groups.

If it is comfortable for you classes can be held at your office or at the place you live – individually or in groups.

After signing up to take the course, you’ll be able to choose the subject you want to learn with your teacher, you also can choose the intensity and duration of the course and the days of your classes: accordingly to your wishes, lessons can be conducted on weekdays or weekends.

We offer different Russian as a foreign language for beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced. Based on standard programmes, our approach in the first place depends on the student’s abilities.

For additional information call +7-925-169-12-26, Ekaterina.

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